NL: Huisman doubled its slewing bearing production capacity in the Netherlands

2021-11-13 07:19:23 By : Mr. Celia Wu

Huisman has doubled the slewing bearing capacity of its plant in Schiedam, the Netherlands. "With the significant increase in production capacity, Huisman is able to meet the growing demand for large-diameter slewing bearings, which are an integral part and key component of its heavy lifting cranes," the Huisman team explained.

"Since 2010, Huisman has achieved a unique position in the market by successfully designing and manufacturing large-diameter slewing rings internally. Huisman produces its own slewing rings to ensure the highest quality and protect its proprietary production Technology. In response to a large number of orders for the introduction of large offshore cranes, the investment in the second milling machine will provide Huisman with sufficient production capacity in the future,” they continued. 

Slewing bearings are an indispensable key component of all Huisman cranes. Unlike high-maintenance solutions such as bogies or slewing systems on large wheels exposed to harsh marine environments, Huisman slewing bearings help to significantly reduce the weight of cranes and substructures, enabling cranes to be more efficient Run and reduce costs. Effectively. Due to the unique segmented design of Huisman's slewing bearing, inspection and maintenance can be carried out on-site without disassembling the bearing, thereby significantly reducing operating costs.

David Roodenburg, CEO of Huisman: "The ambitions of offshore wind power have led to high demand for heavy lifting cranes. To ensure the highest quality and on-time delivery to our customers, we have expanded Production capacity. We chose to deploy a second Zayer milling machine in the Netherlands to ensure the continuity of our project here and invest in the expertise of our employees. Since our slewing bearings are an important part of our crane’s unique lightweight design, Therefore, the investment in production capacity allows us to consolidate our position as the global market leader in heavy lifting cranes."

After a series of larger and larger slewing bearings, Huisman designed and delivered the world's largest slewing bearing for the Heerema Sleipnir 10,000 ton barrel crane in 2018. The diameter of these slewing bearings is 30m. To date, Huisman has a track record of approximately 25 slewing bearings. 

Earlier this year, Huisman's paint shop in China expanded by 1,675 square meters to a total area of ​​more than 6,000 square meters. In this way, the spraying capacity can be improved, thereby eliminating the key bottleneck in the production process of heavy construction equipment.

More information: Huismanequipment

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