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2021-11-13 07:50:09 By : Ms. Kitty Xiao

The new Volvo EC380E straight boom excavator abandons the traditional boom method of excavating offset excavators, instead it is equipped with a 7m long straight boom and a special boom. This higher range, as well as excellent stability and lifting capabilities, make it particularly suitable for demolition applications.

Compared with the standard machine on which it is based, the ultra-long straight arm has significant advantages in height and reach. Just like a boxer's mask, the cab on the Volvo EC380E straight-arm excavator is protected from falling debris by a falling object guard installed on the frame. And because of the large glass area, the operator can get an excellent view of the construction site. The sunroof and integrated front glass are made of P5A, which is resistant to high-strength impact and meets the EN356 standard. Wipers and washers are standard on the front windows and roof glass. Standard LED lights on the cantilever and platform facilitate night visibility, and there are other lighting options for the cab and counterweight.

The EC380E straight boom excavator is equipped with several useful standard features, which are valuable in demolition applications. These include X1 and X3 auxiliary pipes, quick installation and oil drain pipes, and water pipes connected to the dust suppression system.

The dust suppression system is equipped with a 30-liter per minute lift pump through which water flows to four arm-based nozzles to form a fine mist containing dust. The system can work in automatic or manual mode. In automatic mode, water is sprayed only when the accessory is running. In fact, the talent of the water system is endless, because the high-pressure water gun installed behind the cab can be used to clean the machine.

As it is equipped with a hydraulically detachable heavy-duty counterweight for easy transportation, it is not a problem to work with heavy-duty tools within reach.

Volvo EC380E straight boom excavator is durable and heavily reinforced to withstand high-impact materials or work in harsh terrain. Its sturdy main frame is made of heavy-duty steel plate with bolt head protection. There are also heavy (or super heavy) undercover protection, heavy abdomen protection and complete track protection. Slewing ring covers and heavy-duty side doors with screens and shutters provide additional protection. By adding protection to the bucket and boom cylinder, the machine is further protected from debris damage. Even the engine is protected-the cooling fan is reversible, which means that debris trapped in the radiator can be easily discharged, helping to keep the radiator clean and the engine running at an optimal temperature.

The EC380E straight boom excavator has a variety of cab entrances to choose from-a fixed cab entry and a thicker side impact protection system (SIPS), or a foldable cab entry with a narrow SIPS, the latter helps Make transportation more convenient.

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The EC380E straight boom excavator provides more than just a longer boom. It is a set of features and options that can constitute a devastating tool for demolition. It will not exist independently for a long time-Volvo Construction Equipment will soon launch a 30-ton EC300E straight-boom excavator with all the same functions and advantages.

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