Liebherr supplies new main bearings for wind turbines

2021-11-13 07:25:38 By : Mr. Yann Ai

At the important industry event of Hamburg Wind Power, Liebherr will present its new main bearing to the public. This key component is a new development that complements Liebherr's existing portfolio of slewing bearings for electromechanical and hydraulic rotor blades and wind turbine yaw adjustment.

From September 25th to 28th, Liebherr will exhibit its three-row roller bearings with a diameter of 2.60 meters and a weight of 8 tons in Hamburg.

These slewing bearings enable the rotor to rotate steadily around its axis and withstand continuous high loads.

Liebherr main bearings are used in wind turbines with a capacity of 2 MW and above. Wind turbine power generation is playing an increasingly important role in energy policy. Therefore, improving efficiency is an important prerequisite for the further development of the industry. The wind turbine rotor supported by the main bearing is a key factor.

Liebherr offers moment bearings in two main designs: double-row tapered roller bearings or three-row roller bearing slewing rings are used according to requirements, main loads and customer specifications. The optimized sealing concept of the slewing bearing can ensure that the inside of the bearing is protected from dust and moisture, and the most important thing is to prevent the escape of lubricant.

The valuable findings of Liebherr's durability and life cycle testing on its own test rig at the Biberach site enabled Liebherr to optimize the bearing design in terms of cost and performance. The test rig has been in operation since last year and has provided necessary verifications for the design methods of raceway life, seals and rolling elements.

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