Single row cross roller slewing ring bearing Xsa140644n

Crossed roller slewing ring bearing1.Introduction of LYHY crossed roller slewing bearingsLYHY is a professional manufacturer in slewing ring bearings since 1993.We can also design and make other standard and non-standard ball bearings, roller bearings and precision bearings as per customer\'s different technical requirements.Sle

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Crossed roller slewing ring bearing
1.Introduction of LYHY crossed roller slewing bearings
LYHY is a professional manufacturer in slewing ring bearings since 1993.We can also design and make other standard and non-standard ball bearings, roller bearings and precision bearings as per customer's different technical requirements.
Slewing bearing is also called slewing ring, slewing ring bearing, turntable bearing, and rotary bearing.
With the cross roller Ring, cylindrical rollers are arranged crosswise, with each roller perpendicular to the adjacent roller, in a 90°Groove, separated from each other by a spacer retainer.This design allows just one bearing to receive loads in all directions including, radial, axial and moment loads.Since the Cross-Roller Ring achieves high rigidity despite the minimum possible dimensions of the inner and outer rings, it is optimal for applications such as joints and swiveling units of industrial robots, swiveling tables of machining centers, rotary units of manipulators, precision rotary tables, medical equipment, measuring instruments and IC manufacturing machines.

Cross roller slewing bearing has three different types:
Cross roller ball slewing bearing with no gear
Cross roller ball slewing bearing with external gear
Cross roller ball slewing bearing with internal gear

Single Row Crossed Roller Slewing Ring Bearing Xsa140644n

Cross roller slewing ring bearings have following features:
1.High precision:Cross roller bearings can be made high precision bearings, at P4, P2.
2.High rigidity:These series roller bearings are with preload.
3.High load capacity:This series roller bearing can support axial load, radial load, and tilting load.
4.Small volume:This series roller bearing can save space for the machine.

Single Row Crossed Roller Slewing Ring Bearing Xsa140644n

Cross roller slewing rings are widely applied in the precision rotary table, rotary joint of manipulator, medical equipment, and measuring instrument etc

Single Row Crossed Roller Slewing Ring Bearing Xsa140644n

LYHY bearings can manufacture replaced slewing bearing of well know bran such as SKF .
1.Slewing bearings OD:320-6500MM
2.Material:42CrMo, 50Mn
5.OEM accepted
6.Delivery time:About 30days
7.Packing:Wooden box

LYHY BEARINGS-crossed roller slewing bearing:Without gear teeth
XU120179, XU160220, XU120222, XU160260, XU180380, XU180412, XU180405, XU180433, XSU140414, XU220460, XU300515, XU180475, XU240545, XU220574, XU300586, XSU140544, XU280680, XSU140644, XU300785, XSU140744, XU260823, XSU140844, XU160897, XSU200955, XU260980, XSU140944, XSU201055, XU301117, XSU141094, XSU201155,
XU161125, XU301213, XU401250, XU161233, XU161220, XSU201255, XU401390, XU261350, XSU201355, XU341472, XSU201455, XU301578, XU201820, XU181932, XU302000, XU202300, XU222900, XU603154.

LYHY BEARINGS-crossed roller slewing bearing:Internal gear teeth
XI120288N, XSI140414N, XI120420N, XI160489N, XSI140544N, XI140575N, XI180635N, XSI140644N, XI300713N, XI200720N, XSI140744N, XI180865N, XSI140844N, XI140897N,
XSI200955N, XSI140944N, XSI201055N, XI1301128N, XI201100N, XI141087N, XI241120N,
XI221150N, XSI141094N, XSI201155N, XI261220N, XSI201255N, XI301348N, XSI201355N,
XI301500N, XSI201455N, XI341615N, XI301700N, XI341785N, XI401865N, XI401945N,
XI201905N, XI402026N, XI452180N, XI302280N, XI342540N, XI452600N, XI262686N,
XI402875N, XI302980N, XI453280N, XI503383N, XI343403N, XI503500N, XI503720N,
XI503820N, XI604035N

LYHY BEARINGS-crossed roller slewing bearing:External gear teeth
XA120235N, XA180307N, XA160407N, XSA140414N, XA260475N, XA280560N, XA140540N,
XSA140544N, XA160596N, XA140640N, XSA140644N, XA240685N, XA200720N, XA140753N,
XSA140744N, XA200818N, XA280845N, XSA140844N, XA220895N, XSA200955N, XSA140944N, XA280995N, XA220978N, XSA141094N, XSA201055N, XA341117N, XSA201155N
XA301213N, XSA201255N, XA261320N, XSA201355N, XA341455N, XSA201455N, XA301600N
XA501790N, XA401765N, XA401832N, XA221821N, XA401985N, XA402130N
113/4 Crossed roller slewing bearings-with internal gear
ModelMaterialID        mmOD       mmHeight  mmEXW unit price  USD/pcs

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