Slewing ring bearings for excavators and cranes (012.35.980)

Details for slewing ring bearing (012.35.980):Model No.: 012.35.980outer ring diameter: 1144mminner ring diameter: 868mmoverall height: 100mmouter ring height: 83mminner ring height: 86mmouter ring mounting holes: 18-M22inner ring mounting holes: 24-M22outer ring hole grease holes: 4-M10x1, with 10mm thread depthinner ring hole

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Details for slewing ring bearing (012.35.980):
Model No.: 012.35.980
outer ring diameter: 1144mm
inner ring diameter: 868mm
overall height: 100mm
outer ring height: 83mm
inner ring height: 86mm
outer ring mounting holes: 18-M22
inner ring mounting holes: 24-M22
outer ring hole grease holes: 4-M10x1, with 10mm thread depth
inner ring hole grease holes: 4-M10x1, with 10mm thread depth
hoisting hole: 2-M16
module: m=10
teeth number: z=111
modification coefficient: x=+0.7
unit height of tooth head: ha*=1
unit tooth head clearance: c*=0.33
precision: 10-GB/T10095
measure over 13 teeth( sprockets ): 389.35(tolerance:+0.00 and -0.25)
common normal line change tolerance: Fw=0.16
axial clearance: min0.02; max0.05
raceway hardness: 55~62HRC; 
teeth hardness: 30~64HRC; after teeth heat treatment
ball hardness: 60~64HRC
grease: #2 EP Lithium-base grease
 weight: 234 kg
written warranty: 1 year under normal use 
delivery time: 35 days
certificate: ISO9001:2008
production history: since 1993
testing: by inner house /SGS/ BV
surface treatment: black epoxy painting
material: 50Mn
Slewing Ring Bearings for Excavator and Crane (012.35.980)

About us:
LYHY Bearings has been specialized in slewing ring bearings since 1993. Our slewing ring bearings include standard and non-standard slewing ring bearings.
About our advantages:
1. Good quality and more competitive price
2. MOQ: 1 pc
3. ISO international certificated
4. OEM and ODM accepted
About our slewing ring bearings:
Slewing ring bearings is also called slewing rings, slewing bearings, rotary bearings, and turntable bearings.
1) our slewing ring bearings types includes:
1. single row slewing ring bearings(  four point contact ball structure )
2. double row slewing ring bearings(  four point contact ball structure, ball diameter same or different )
3. cross roller slewing ring bearings( cylindrical rollers crossed )
4. triple row combined slewing ring bearings (cylindrical rollers in three raceways)
5. balls and rollers combined slewing ring bearings
6. light flanged slewing ring bearings
the above types of slewing ring bearings could be produced with no gear, internal gears, external gears, hardened or not.
2) our slewing ring bearing application includes:
slewing ring bearings are widely applied in heavy, middle and light industry, known as "the machine joints"
Hereunder are the application field of slewing ring bearings:
1. machinery ( construction, metallurgical, packing, heavy equipment, light equipment, marine equipment)
2. wind power generators
3. military products 
4. stacker-reclaimers
5. ferris wheels 
6. radar antennas

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