Thin-walled slewing ring (lightweight)-no gear

About FengheProvide customized industry solutions for you17 years producing experience, strict quality control can be the industry\'s best solution guarantee.China leading supplier for slewing bearing,the products have through ISO 9001,CAPE certifiaction,have more than 50 product patents.Excellence in Quality and Precision Perfo

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About Fenghe

Provide customized industry solutions for you
Thin Section Slewing Bearing (Light Type) - No Gear
  • 17 years producing experience, strict quality control can be the industry's best solution guarantee.
  • China leading supplier for slewing bearing,the products have through ISO 9001,CAPE certifiaction,have more than 50 product patents.

  • Excellence in Quality and Precision Performance are constant hallmarks of all FENGHE products. Dialogue with the customer and a flexibility of approach combine with responsive design and development innovations to ensure superior delivery.


Engineers in Fenghe slewing bearing have an experience in turntable bearing over 17 years, they developed the R&D team and testing lab, continuous to making it extra stable and precision during the operation, Fenghe brand provide the best solution according to each customer with tailored products with many thousands of attempting.


Life test

Application test

Environmental impacting test

Torque test

Vibration test

Measurement, inspection and analysis

Coordinate measuring machine (CMM)

Magnetic particle flaw detector (MT)

Ultrasonic detector (UT)

Scanning electron microscope (SEM)

HDR digital microscope

Rockwell hardness

Thin Section Slewing Bearing (Light Type) - No Gear

Product types

Thin Section Slewing Bearing (Light Type) - No Gear
Slewing Bearing
Thin Section Slewing Bearing (Light Type) - No Gear
Ring Gear
Thin Section Slewing Bearing (Light Type) - No Gear
Slewing Drive
Thin Section Slewing Bearing (Light Type) - No Gear
Forging Blank
Thin Section Slewing Bearing (Light Type) - No GearThin Section Slewing Bearing (Light Type) - No Gear
Thin Section Slewing Bearing (Light Type) - No Gear
Thin Section Slewing Bearing (Light Type) - No Gear
PinionPinionDouble row slewing ring with external combine internal gearSlewing bearing with special structure

Examples of use
Fenghe slewing bearings can even be used in the most demanding scopes of application.Thin Section Slewing Bearing (Light Type) - No Gear

We are committed to providing various standard and non-standard slewing bearing solutions for the machinery industry. If you have more questions forslewing rings and table bearings assembling, our in house engineers will pay attention to this parts and provide solutions to you.

Fenghe slewing bearings are widely applicationto the machinery industry and provide excellent precision for smoothly running. We do a lot of job in reducing weight, creating space, reducing friction and extending durable life. Fenghe offers a variety of raw materials, internal assembling, grease and corrosion resistance options. Fenghe offers the widest range of slewing bearings with P.C.D of 120mm to 5500mm.

Fenghe slewing ring is suitable for all kinds of harsh environments. Our technical research and development personnel focus on sealing protection during the slewing bearing operation, which effectively guarantees the internal lubrication of the slewing ring and prolongs the durable life.

 DimensionsFixing HolesStructure SizeGear dataExternal gear dataInternal gear data
CodeCurvaD       (mm)d    (mm)   H (mm)D1 (mm)D2 (mm)dn1    dn2(mm)dm1    dm2(mm)L  (mm)n1H1(mm)h (mm)b (mm)m (mm)da   (mm)   da   (mm)   
02.25.500161638410658042018M16322049626605       6644   646.8126     105357   350.472              59
02.25.560267644410664048018M16322049626605       6704   706.8138     115417   410.484         69
02.25.630374651410671055018M16322449626606         8790.8    790.4129      96482.4   475.281       60
02.25.710482659410679063018M16322449626606       8862.8    862.4141     105560.4   555.294         70
02.30.800594265812489870222M204030611429808        10982.4    988120      96619.2    61478       62
02.30.9006104275812499880222M204030611429808         101086.4   1088 133     106715.2    71490       72
02.30.100071142858124109890222M2040366114298010     121198   1197.6117      97814    796.882       67
02.30.1120812629781241218102222M2040366114298010     121318    1317.6129     107924    916.893       77
02.40.12509142610741601374112626M2448405150399012      141497.6  1495.2122     1041012.8 1013.685       73
02.40.140010157612241601524127626M2448405150399012     141641.6  1649.2134     1151156.8 1153.697       83
02.40.160011177614241601724147626M2448455150399014     161845.2  1852.8129     1131349.6 1350.497       85
02.40.180012197616241601924167626M2448455150399014     162055.2 2060.8144     1261545.6 1542.4111      97
02.50.200013221517851902149185133M30604881784712016     182300.8    2300.4141     1251702.4 1699.2107      95
02.50.224014245520251902389209133M30604881784712016     182540.8  2552.4156     1391942.4 1933.2122     108
02.50.250015271522851902649235133M30605681784712018     202804.4   2816153     1382203.2   2188123     110
02.50.280016301525851902949265133M30605681784712018     203110.4    3116170     1532491.2   2488139     125
02.60.315017342828722263338296245M42845682145615020     223536    3537.6174     1582768   2758.8139     126
02.60.355018382832722263738336245M42845682145615020     223936    3933.6194     1763168   3176.8159     145
02.60.400019427837222264188381245M428460102145615022     254395.6    4395197     1733616.8   3610165     145
02.60.450020477842222264688431245M428460102145615022     254879.6    4895219     1934122.8   4110188     165

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